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Michael G. Mullen
From the Chairman

Letters to the Editor

D.H. Gurney
Executive Summary

An Interview with General James T. Conway, 34th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps

John D. Winkler
Developing an Operational Reserve: A Policy and Historical Context and the Way Forward

James T. Currie
Senior Officer Professional Military Education as an Equalizer

The Security Trinity: Understanding the Role of Security Forces in COIN

Niel A. Smith
Understanding Sri Lanka's Defeat of the Tamil Tigers

Tarn D. Warren
ISAF and Afghanistan: The Impact of Failure on NATO's Future

Roy Godson and Richard H. Shultz, Jr.
A QDR for All Seasons? The Pentagon Is Not Preparing for the Most Likely Conflicts

Milan Vego
Is the Conduct of War a Business?

Winners of the 2010 Writing Competitions

John Frewen
Harmonious Ocean? Chinese Aircraft Carriers and the Australian-U.S. Alliance

Mark Schrecker
U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan: Flawed Assumptions Will Lead to Ultimate Failure

Hans F. Palaoro
Information Strategy: The Missing Link

Eric A. Hollister
Ike Warned Us About This: The MICC Stranglehold on Responsible Procurement

Charles D. Allen
Redress of Professional Military Education: The Clarion Call

Andrew R. Milburn
Breaking Ranks: Dissent and the Military Professional

Jeff Donnithorne
Building a Potemkin Village: A Taliban Strategy to Reclaim the Homeland

Timothy Cunningham
Strategic Communication in the New Media Sphere

Wesley R. Andrues
What U.S. Cyber Command Must Do

Cindy A. Hurst
China's Ace in the Hole: Rare Earth Elements

Paul C. Hurley and John J. Abbatiello
Responsible Drawdown: Synchronizing the Joint Vision

Kathleen H. Hicks and Samuel J. Brannen
Force Planning in the 2010 QDR

Gregory A. Thiele
Operation Albion and Joint Amphibious Doctrine

Mark R. Hagerott, Thomas J. Umberg, and Joseph A. Jackson
A Patchwork Strategy of Consensus: Establishing Rule of Law in Afghanistan

Rizwan Ali
The Art of Command: Military Leadership from George Washington to Colin Powell

John D. Becker
Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?

Clark Capshaw
Intelligence for an Age of Terror

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