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John M. Collins
The Accidental Strategist

Letter To the Editor

Executive Summary

Seth G. Jones
Community Defense in Afghanistan

Spencer Abbot
Educate to Cooperate

Michael D. Mihalka, Mark R. Wilcox
Unintended Strategic Consequences of Security Assistance in the South Caucasus

Roy H. Adams III, Martin F. Lindsey, Anthony Marro
Battlefield Renewable Energy

William F. Mullen III
Turning Fallujah

Marvin Baker Schaffer
The Iraq Experience and Domino Theory Revisited

Charles Berry
Understanding OPCON

Amitai Etzioni
The Moral and Legal Case

Sydney M. Savion, Terrance J. McCaffrey
Burgeoning Courses, Lagging StaNdardization

Daniel M. Gerstein
Bioterror in the Age of Biotechnology

Carlo Kopp
Evolving Technological Strategy in Advanced Air Defense Systems

Stephen J. Cimbala
Post-stARt,Re-stARt and New stARt

Katarzyna Zysk
Russia’s Arctic Strategy

Walter C. Ladwig III
IndIa and the Balance of Power in the asIa-PacIfIc

Stephanie R. Ahern
Ensuring Prosperity and Security

Milan Vego
Military History and the Study of Operational Art

James Thomas Synder
Confronting the Chaos: A Rogue Military Historian Returns to Afghanistan

Jeffrey L. Caton
Harnessing the Heavens: National Defense Through Space

Richard Desjardins
China’s Energy Strategy: The Impact on Beijing’s Maritime Policies

John T. Kuehn
The Making of Peace: Rulers, States, and the Aftermath of War

Joint Doctrine Update

Mark Grdovic
Developing a Common Understanding of Unconventional Warfare

Milan Vego
Operational Commander’s Intent

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