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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly# 77, 2nd Quarter 2015

Тема номера: The Cyber «Domain» and Deterrence




Martin E. Dempsey
From the Chairman: Defining Duty


William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

Dorothy E. Denning
Rethinking the Cyber Domain and Deterrence

Karl F. Schneider, David S. Lyle, and Francis X. Murphy
Framing the Big Data Ethics Debate for the Military

Chandler P. Atwood
Activity-Based Intelligence: Revolutionizing Military Intelligence Analysis

Jon A. Kimminau
Five Examples of Big Data Analytics and the Future of ISR

Edie Williams and Alan R. Shaffer
The Defense Innovation Initiative: The Importance of Capability Prototyping

Cindy Hurst
The Quantum Leap into Computing and Communication: A Chinese Perspective

JPME Today

Thomas P. Galvin
Writing Faculty Papers for Joint Professional Military Education

Anna T. Waggener
Joint Professional Military Education: A Retrospective of the Skelton Panel

Milan Vego
On Operational Leadership


Randy Eshelman and Douglas Derrick
Relying on the Kindness of Machines? The Security Threat of Artificial Agents

Andrew Herr
Will Humans Matter in the Wars of 2030?

Richard J. Hayes, Jr.
DOD Response Under the Stafford Act: A Call to Action


Vincent A. Manzo
After the First Shots: Managing Escalation in Northeast Asia

Tyrone L. Groh and Richard J. Bailey, Jr.
Fighting More Fires with Less Water: Phase Zero and Modified Operational Design

Eugene Haase
Distributed Common Ground System–Future: Moving into the 22nd Century Today

Robert B. Brown and Jason N. Adler
I Corps: U.S. Pacific Command's Newest Asset

Patrick J. Reinert and John F. Hussey
The Military's Role in Rule of Law Development


John Erath
Union Success in the Civil War and Lessons for Strategic Leaders

Book Reviews

David A. Anderson
World Order

Alice A. Booher
Russia and the Relationship Between Law and Power

Francis P. Sempa
The Most Dangerous Man in America: The Making of Douglas MacArthur

Joint Doctrine

Rick Rowlett, Carl A. Young, Alan F. Mangan, and Steve M. Townsend
The Way Ahead for Joint Operations and Planning Doctrine

Joint Doctrine Update

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