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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly#72, 1st Quarter 2014

Тема номера: JPME (Joint Professional Military Education) Today




In Memoriam

From the Chairman

Backbone of the Armed Forces


Dr. William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

Nicholas Murray
The Role of Professional Military Education in Mission Command

George E. Reed
The Pen and the Sword: Faculty Management Challenges in the Mixed Cultural Environment of a War College

Jeffrey M. Shaw
Putting "A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower" to Work: A Wargaming Perspective

James P. Butler
Godzilla Methodology: Means for Determining Center of Gravity

William R. Burns and Drew Miller
Improving DOD Adaptability and Capability to Survive Black Swan Events

Special Feature

Jason M. Brown
Strategy for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Harry Foster
The Joint Stealth Task Force: An Operational Concept for Air-Sea Battle

Matthew J. Martin
Unifying Our Vision: Joint ISR Coordination and the NATO Joint ISR Initiative


Eileen Chollet
"Gallantry and Intrepidity": Valor Decorations in Current and Past Conflicts

Lawrence Spinetta
Cut Defense Pork, Revive Presidential Impoundment


David Pendall and Cal Sieg
Biometric-enabled Intelligence in Regional Command-East

Cindy A. Hurst and Robert Mathers
Strategic Implications of the Afghan Mother Lode and China's Emerging Role

Heath C. Roscoe, Paul F. Campagna, and Dave McNulty
Improving Safety in the U.S. Arctic

Robbin F. Laird, Edward T. Timperlake, and Murielle Delaporte
Forging a 21st-century Military Strategy: Leveraging Challenges


Bert Frandsen
Learning and Adapting: Billy Mitchell in World War I

Book Reviews

David A. Anderson
Foreign Powers and Intervention in Armed Conflicts

Michael C. Davies
The Tender Soldier

William A. Taylor
Useful Enemies

Joint Doctrine

Taylor P. White
Security Cooperation: How It All Fits

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