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Letters to the Editor

Executive Summary

William E. Ward and Thomas P. Galvin
“Africa’s Future Is Up to Africans”: Putting the President’s Words into Action

Clement Mweyang Aapengnuo
Misinterpreting Ethnic Conflicts in Africa

Martin Edwin Andersen
Ethnic Politics, Defense, and Security in “Latin” America

Barry S. Zellen
Clan, the State, and War: Lessons from the Far North

Curtis A. Ward
Regional Threats: Security Capacity Imperatives in the Caribbean

Sebastian L.v. Gorka
The Age of Irregular Warfare: So What?

Timothy J. Junio and Jonathan Protz
Reorienting Grand Strategy: The Promise of Single-equilibrium Defense Planning

James P. Terry
Stabilization Operations: A Successful Strategy for Postconflict Management

David M. Hollis
USCYBERCOM: The Need for a Combatant Command versus a Subunified Command

Thomas E. Shrader
The End of Surface Warships

Michael W. Isherwood
Unmanned Systems and the Joint Team

Kevin M. Bond
Are We Professionals?

Donald E. Vandergriff
When Do We Teach the Basics?

Adam B. Lowther
The Post-9/11 American Serviceman

Scott A. Bethel, Aaron Prupas, Tomislav Z. Ruby, and Michael V. Smith
Developing Air Force Strategists: Change Culture, Reverse Careerism

Eric Sayers
Military Dissuasion: A Framework for Influencing PLA Procurement Trends

Richard L. Russell
Off and Running: The Middle East Nuclear Arms Race

Dean Cheng
Through a Jingzi, Darkly

John T. Kuehn
Terrorists and Submarines: Lessons for Afghanistan from the Antisubmarine Campaign of World War I

James P. Terry
A Tactical Ethic: Moral Conduct in the Insurgent Battlespace

John W. Sutherlin
Power and Responsibility: Building International Order in an Era of Transnational Threats

Robert Daniel Wallace
American Civil-Military Relations: The Soldier and the State in a New Era

Jason Wood
The Tradition of Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons

Margaret M. McCown
The Social Sciences and Innovation in Gaming

Joint Doctrine Update

Gian P. Gentile
Time for the Deconstruction of Field Manual 3–24

John A. Nagl
Constructing the Legacy of Field Manual 3–24

Gian P. Gentile
Freeing the Army from the Counterinsurgency Straitjacket

John A. Nagl
Learning and Adapting to Win

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