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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly#73, 2nd Quarter 2014

Тема номера: Evolving Theory for Cyberspace (Разрабатывая теорию для киберпространства)




In Memoriam

From the Chairman

Are We Really Ever Off Duty?


Executive Summary

Brett T. Williams
The Joint Force Commander’s Guide to Cyberspace Operations

John N.T. Shanahan
Achieving Accountability in Cyberspace: Revolution or Evolution?

Ervin J. Rokke, Thomas A. Drohan, and Terry C. Pierce
Combined Effects Power

JPME Today

Gregg F. Martin and John W. Yaeger
Break Out: A Plan for Better Equipping the Nation's Future Strategic Leaders

John E. Gay
Green Peace: Can Biofuels Accelerate Energy Security?

William G. Braun III and Charles D. Allen
Shaping a 21st-Century Defense Strategy: Reconciling Military Roles

John Bilas, Scott A. Hoffman, John S. Kolasheski, Kevin Toner, and Douglas Winton
Targeting the JIIM Way: A More Inclusive Approach


Michael W. Pietrucha
Airpower and Globalization Effects: Rethinking the Five Rings

Fumio Ota
Sun Tzu in Contemporary Chinese Strategy

William M. Fraser III and Marshall N. Ramsey
Geography Matters in Maintaining Global Mobility


Todd R. Phinney
Reflections on Operation Unified Protector

Michael S. Tucker and Robert W. Lyons
Silent Watch: The Role of Army Air and Missile Defense

Charles D. “Buck” McDermott
Leveraging U.S. Civilian Capabilities in Africa

Wilson T. VornDick
The Case for the Junior Joint Logistics Officer Training Program


Harald Hoiback
Dieppe All Over Again: The Quandaries of Combined Joint Operations

Book Reviews

Alan Gropman

Francis P. Sempa
The Revenge of Geography

Todd M. Manyx
Intelligence Collection

Joint Doctrine

William O. Odom and Christopher D. Hayes
Cross-Domain Synergy: Advancing Jointness

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