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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly # 74, 3rd Quarter 2014

Тема номера: Resilient Command and Control





William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

An Interview with Mark A. Welsh III

Jeffrey Becker
Contexts of Future Conflict and War

Michael Johnson and Terrence K. Kelly
Tailored Deterrence: Strategic Context to Guide Joint Force 2020

Kimberly Field and Stephan Pikner
The Role of U.S. Land Forces in the Asia-Pacific

Gilmary Michael Hostage III and Larry R. Broadwell, Jr.
Resilient Command and Control: The Need for Distributed Control

Martin M. Westphal and Thomas C. Lang
Conducting Operations in a Mission Partner Environment

JPME Today

Anthony Cucolo and Lance Betros
Strengthening PME at the Senior Level: The Case of the U.S. Army War College

Joan Johnson-Freese, Ellen Haring, and Marybeth Ulrich
The Counterproductive "Sea of Sameness" in PME

Rhonda Keister, Robert Slanger, Matthew Bain, and David Pavlik
Joint PME: Closing the Gap for Junior Officers

William G. Pierce, Harry A. Tomlin, Robert C. Coon, James E. Gordon, and Michael A. Marra
Defense Strategic Guidance: Thoughtful Choices and Security Cooperation


C.V. Christianson and George Topic
Strategic Planning: A "How-to-Guide"

Carol A. Berry and Eurydice S. Stanley
The Intentionality of Education

Andreas Kuersten
Sexual Assault and the Military Petri Dish

Nicolas Rostow
Targeted Killing of Terrorists


E. Lincoln Bonner III
Cyber Power in 21st-Century Joint Warfare

David C. DeFrieze
Defining and Regulating the Weaponization of Space

Joris D. Kila and Christopher V. Herndon
Military Involvement in Cultural Property Protection: An Overview

Aizen J. Marrogi and Saadoun al-Dulaimi
Medical Diplomacy in Achieving U.S. Global Strategic Objectives

Book Reviews

Sean Q. Dzierzanowski
War Front to Store Front

Richard M. Meinhart

Gerald L. Mitchell
Leadership in the New Normal

Daniel P. Sukman
Killing Without Heart

Joint Doctrine

Brian K. Bass, David K. Bartels, Samuel A. Escalante, Dale R. Fenton, and Kurt J. Rathgeb
Overcoming Joint Interoperability Challenges

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