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JFQ 65 (2nd Quarter, April 2012)

JFQ 65 (2nd Quarter, April 2012) This issue focuses on emerging gobal insights
The ability to get out of our own minds and into the heads of others is one of the oldest challenges we face. It is tough enough to do it with people we know well. Attempting it with those from foreign cultures is immeasurably harder. It should be obvious that even small-scale, individual actions can never be perfectly anticipated since so much of human behavior rests upon contingencies and chance. That said, we can still enhance our strategic empathy by retraining ourselves to approach prediction differently…
…We can improve our predictions of individual and small group behavior. Even a modest refinement in our ability to think like others could have substantial payoffs both in winning wars and, more crucially, in sustaining the peace…
Zachary Shore. A Sense of the Enemy


JFQ Dialogue

Letters to the Editor

From the Chairman

Bryan B. Battaglia and Christian R. Macedonia
Resiliency: The Main Ingredient in a Military Househould


Executive Summary

Michael D. Fortune
The Real Key to Success in Afghanistan: Overlooked, Underrated, Forgotten, or Just Too Hard?

Julian Lewis
International Terrorism: The Case for Containment

Michael E. DeVine
Religion in the Thirty Years’ War and Peace of Westphalia: Relevant to Pakistan Today?

Andres H. Caceres-Solari
Between Democracy and Chaos: Indonesia at a Crossroads

Zachary Shore
A Sense of the Enemy: Refocusing Prediction in Military and Foreign Affairs


Naef Bin Ahmed Al-Saud
The Evolution of Saudi Security and Enforcement Policies on Communication

C.V. Christianson
Global Dispersion, Global Sustainment: A Mandate for a Global Logistics Organization?

Counterinsurgency: Not a Strategy, But a Necessary Capability

Lewis M. Stern
National Defense University: Building Strategic Relations with Vietnam


James G. Stavridis and Elton C. Parker
Sailing the Cyber Sea

Jonathan W. Greenert
Sailing into the 21st Century: Operating Forward, Strengthening Partnerships

David H. Carstens
Building Resiliency into the National Military Strategy

Douglas John MacIntyre
Emerging from Behind the U.S. Shield: Japan’s Strategy of Dynamic Deterrence and Defense Forces


Phillip S. Meilinger
Admirals Run Amok: The Danger of Inter-Service Rivalry

Book Reviews

Richard S. Tracey
Exporting Security

Todd M. Manyx
Waging War in Waziristan

Eric Shibuya
Victorious Insurgencies

Thomas M. Skypek
The George W. Bush Defense Program

Joint Doctrine

George E. Katsos
Multinational Command Relationships: Part II of III

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