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Joint Force Quarterly 69 (2nd Quarter, April 2013)

Joint Force Quarterly 69 (2nd Quarter, April 2013)Reorganizing National Security
Transnational Сrime Threat
Sea Power to
yber Power

Реорганизация национальной безопасности
Угроза транснационального криминала 
Из морской державы в кибер-державу



From the Chairman: Risky Business


Executive Summary

Beatrice Heuser
Victory, Peace, and Justice: The Neglected Trinity

Anthony J. DiBella
Organization Theories: Perspectives on Changing National Security Institutions

Jesse Roy Wilson
Goldcorp Crowdsourcing: An Industry Best Practice with Potential for the Intelligence Community

Lindsay L. Rodman
Fostering Constructive Dialogue on Military Sexual Assault


Douglas M. Fraser and Renee P. Novakoff
Confronting Transnational Organized Crime: Getting It Right to Forestall a New National Security Threat

Diana M. Holland
Democracy Promotion in Oman

Lawrence T. Brown
Restoring the "Unwritten Alliance": Brazil-U.S. Relations

Kirby E. Watson
Joint Communications Support Element: The Voice Heard 'Round the World

Ronald C. Wilgenbusch and Alan Heisig
Command and Control Vulnerabilities to Communications Jamming


An Interview with Samuel J. Locklear III

Dean A. Nowowiejski
NATO's Level of Ambition: Beyond Strategic Reach

Kris E. Barcomb
From Sea Power to Cyber Power: Learning from the Past to Craft a Strategy for the Future

Kevin D. Stringer and Katie M. Sizemore
The Future of U.S. Landpower: Special Operations Versatility, Marine Corps Utility


Richard L. DiNardo
The German Military Mission in Romania, 1940-1941


Robert Bracknell
The Generals

Alan L. Gropman
The Generals

George Michael
The Next Wave


Gregory Kreuder
Lead Turning the Fight: The Joint Operational Access Concept and Joint Doctrine

Carmine Cicalese
Redefining Information Operations

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