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Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly#84, 1st Quarter 2017

Тема номера: Trust in Joint Operations



General Joseph Dunford, Jr.
From the Chairman: The Pace of Change


William T. Eliason
Executive Summary

William T. Eliason
An Interview with Robert O. Work

Stanley A. Springer, John A. Schommer, and Sean S. Jones
Trust: The Sine Qua Non of Effective Joint Operations

Scott Douglas Applegate, Christopher L. Carpenter, and David C. West
Searching for Digital Hilltops: A Doctrinal Approach to Identifying Key Terrain in Cyberspace

Kevin Ayers
Expanding Zeus's Shield: A New Approach for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region

Essay Competitions

Winners of the 2016 Writing Competitions

Lee M. Turcotte
The Viability of Moral Dissent by the Military (or, Chapter 6 of the U.S. Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Conclusions Regarding the Second Internment of American Citizens)

David A. Mueller
Civil Order and Governance as Military Responsibilities

Jeffrey Dean McCoy
The Palestinian Security Force: Future Prospects

JPME Today

Darren Hartford and David Tretler
The National War College: Celebrating 70 Years of Developing Strategic Practitioners

Janet Breslin-Smith
The National War College: Marking 70 Years of Strategic Education

Joan Johnson-Freese and Kevin Kelley
Meaningful Metrics for Professional Military Education


Price T. Bingham
The Urgent Necessity to Reverse Service AirLand Roles

Aaron P. Jackson
Center of Gravity Analysis "Down Under": The Australian Defence Force's New Approach

Michael D. Reilly
Hybrid Threat Center of Gravity Analysis: Taking a Fresh Look at ISIL

Joseph J. Collins
Toward a Future National Strategy: A Review Essay


Dave Nystrom and Joseph Wojtecki, Jr., with Mat Winter
Breaking Through with Your Breakthrough: How Science-Based Communication Can Promote Trust to Accelerate Innovation and Technological Advantage

Tracey Koehlmoos, Linda Kimsey, David Bishai, and David Lane
The Imperative for a Health Systems Approach to Global Health Engagement

Wilson T. VornDick
The Case for a Joint Evaluation


Christopher J. Lamb
Leadership and Operational Art in World War II: The Case for General Lesley J. McNair

Book Reviews

Matthew Cancian
Red Team

Bryon Greenwald

William A. Taylor
Regional Missile Defense from a Global Perspective

Joint Doctrine

Kevin D. Scott

Joint Doctrine

Kevin D. Scott
Mentoring: Civilian Contributions to the Joint Force

Michael E. Hutchens, William D. Dries, Jason C. Perdew, Vincent D. Bryant, and Kerry E. Moores
Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons: A New Joint Operational Concept

Joint Doctrine Update

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