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SFI Bulletin

SFI BulletinVol. 28, #2, Fall 2014

Тема номера: 30-тилетие Института Санта Фе. Основания и границы


Jennifer Dunne
A view of SFI’s foundations & frontiers

John German
From Passionate Curiosity to emergent science

W. Brian Arthur
Complexity: A different way to look at the ec onomy

Harold Morowitz
Thirt y years of researc h on the origin of life

Melanie Mitchell
Information, adaptation, and evolution in silico

David Pines
A Unifying Theme for 21st century science

Henry Wright
Revealing pa tterns in the arc of human history

Geoffrey West
The Surprising Mathematics of life and civilization

Ginger Richardson
Building a learning continuum from scratch

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