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Strategic Forum №283 December 2013

Strategic Forum №283 December 2013Next Steps in Syria

by Judith S. Yaphe

About the Author
Dr. Judith S. Yaphe is a Distinguished

Research Fellow in the Center for
Strategic Research, Institute for
National Strategic Studies, at the 
National Defense University

Nearly 3 years since the start of the Syrian civil war, no clear winner is in sight. Assassinations and defections of civilian and military loyalists close to President Bashar al-Asad, rebel success in parts of Aleppo and other key towns, and the spread of violence to Damascus itself suggest that the regime is losing ground to its opposition. The tenacity of government forces in retaking territory lost to rebel factions, such as the key town of Qusayr, and attacks on Turkish and Lebanese military targets indicate, however, that the regime can win because of superior military equipment, especially airpower and missiles, and help from Iran and Hizballah. No one is prepared to confidently predict when the regime will collapse or if its opponents can win


Judith S. YAPHE
Next Steps in Syria

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