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J. Brian Atwood
Elevating Development Assistance

Robert Polk and Merriam Mashatt
From Deploying Individuals to Deploying Departments

Ethan B. Kapstein
Do Three Ds Make an F? The Limits of “Defense, Diplomacy, and Development”

Derek S. Reveron
Weak States and Security Assistance

Barbara K. Bodine
Yemen: Primer and Prescriptions

Laurie R. Blank and Amos N. Guiora
Updating the Commander’s Toolbox: New Tools for Operationalizing the Law of Armed Conflict

Thomas A. Marks, Sebastian L.v. Gorka, and Robert Sharp
Getting the Next War Right: Beyond Population-centric Warfare

William J. Gregor
Military Planning Systems and Stability Operations

Martin van Creveld
War in Complex Environments: The Technological Dimension

William A. Stuebner and Richard Hirsch
Mindanao: A Community-based Approach to Counterinsurgency

Bernard Carreau
Lessons from USDA in Iraq and Afghanistan

An Interview with Peter Pace

Melanne A. Civic
Climate Change and Armed Conflict: Hot and Cold Wars

T.X. Hammes
War of Necessity, War of Choice: A Memoir of Two Iraq Wars

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