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Todd Stern
A Pivotal Opportunity

Michael Specter
The 21st-Century Challenge

Liana Anderson
Overview on a Range of Threats

Zoë Caron
O Canada: How Good It Could Be

A. Anthony Chen
The View from an Island: Jamaica

Jiahua Pan
Addressing Climate Change Through Sustainable Development

R. Andreas Kraemer
Security Through Energy Policy: Germany at the Crossroads

R. K. Pachauri
India’s Global Position on Climate Change

Harry Surjadi
Reducing Poverty While Cutting Carbon Emissions

Richard Odingo
Strategies to Counter Climate-Related Threats to Kenya’s Economy

Alexey Kokorin
Good Domestic Efforts, Underestimated Threat

Richard Graves
International Youth: Fired Up About Climate Change

Bo Kjellén
Is the United Nations Up to the Challenge?

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